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Commissioner Sandy Jones Brings PRC to TorC

On Wednesday, June 20, Public Regulation Commissioner, Sandy Jones and several PRC officials met with the public at the Sierra County Commission Chambers in Truth or Consequences. The purpose of meeting was to establish access to Santa Fe “decision makers”, Sandy Jones emphasized in an article in the The Herald and in a news release on the much improved PRC web site.

Jones represents Southwest New Mexico on the Public Regulation Commission which among other things is responsible for implementing energy legislation and policy. When Commissioner Jones took office, the PRC toll free number was not working, the Commission was not issuing press releases and the El Paso Electric Rate Case was being decided in Santa Fe - hundreds of miles from his Southern New Mexico constituents. Now there is toll free access via 1-888-4-ask-prc, a newly hired Public Information Officer, John Arnold, issuing press releases and a rate hearing was held in Las Cruces. In Truth or Consequences, Wednesday, Commissioner Jones, PRC Chief of Staff Danny Mayfield, Consumer Relations Division Chief, Juan Rios and Elizabeth Martin, Executive Assistant to Sandy Jones responded to questions about including a public comment capability on the Commission’s website, internet availability of audio and transcript archives of PRC meetings and the role of public comment in rate case hearings.

This first effort at bringing Santa Fe PRC decision makers to Southern New Mexico shows great promise in shining light on utility policy through public access. As Commissioner Jones stated in the Herald, "It has to be done."



Access to government

I like the way you are working the issues Sandy. As you said, "It has to be done".


Mark Hartman