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Purchasing Biodiesel In Santa Fe and Searching For Biodiesel In Las Cruces

Blue Sun Biofuels of Denver, an exhibitor at the First Annual Las Cruces Energy Fair, sells biofuels at many locations in Colorado and at the Amigo Mart (now called GIANT) on Cerillos Road in Santa Fe. Blue Sun’s pumps in Santa Fe are popular with motorists interested in lower green house gas emissions.

There’s been much discussion of which feed stock is best for the production of biofuels and the fact that they are not entirely emissions free. But the consensus is that they are a bridge to the ultimate solution whether that is electric or hydrogen vehicles. James Witcher, a geothermal expert in Las Cruces, says one way to make biofuels greener would be to manufacture the product with geothermal energy which is renewable and has no Co2 emissions.

Two Bills that promote biofuels passed the 2007 Session of the New Mexico State Legislature and were signed by Governor Richardson. The Bills include tax incentives for producing and distributing biofuels as well as a mandate that 5% of diesel fuel sold in New Mexico will be biofuel. Blue Sun Biofuels could use these incentives to expand it’s business to Southern New Mexico.

At the Las Cruces Energy Fair last Saturday, an energy consultant said that the City sanitation trucks use biodiesel manufactured in Anthony, New Mexico. Las Cruces Mayor Bill Mattiace states that he uses biodiesel in his Volkswagen but didn’t say where he buys the fuel, while City Manager Terrence Moore says the City of Las Cruces has no way of making biodiesel available to the public for purchase. However, State Representative Nathan Cote will be introducing a Bill to promote production and sale of biofuels. Cote said the biodiesel plant in Anthony sells T100 “pure biodiesel” at a pump there. This fuel may not be appropriate for all diesel vehicles.

In Santa Fe if you drive a diesel vehicle you pull into the “Giant” station on Cerillos Road and fill up along with public and municipal biodiesel users. In Las Cruces, not so simple.




a neighbor has a biodiesel vw and fortunately for her there is a biodiesel pump at 1st and Mountain NW in ABQ (just in case you happen to stop here on your way from SF to LC.)


geothermal again

YOu mentioned, "James Witcher, a geothermal expert in Las Cruces, says one way to make biofuels greener would be to manufacture the product with geothermal energy which is renewable and has no Co2 emissions."

Help me understand how that works, i.e. how geothermal is used in the process of making biofuels.


Rio Valley Biofuels

Rio Valley Biofuels sells B99 (99% biodiesel, 1% petro-diesel) at the market price of petro-diesel.
They are located at 1940 Anthony Dr. in Anthony, NM - less than 25 miles from Las Cruces!


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