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Ben Luce Gets Enthusiastic Reception in Las Cruces

The Southwest Environmental Center was full of citizens eager to learn more about Renewable Energy. His power point presentation was comprehensive covering electrons to the implementation of wind and solar electricity generating plants.

Questions and a lively exchange with Ben Luce kept SWEC open late into the evening. A topic of concern to one attendee was a covenant on recently purchased lot that prohibits solar modules on the home. Luce said a state law passed this year overturns these covenants. Tammie Smith expressed support for installation of solar modules incorporated in the building of the new Las Cruces City Hall. Luce said over the life of the building the city would recover the investment and save on utility bills. He added that Governor Richardson has issued an executive order mandating renewable energy for government buildings.

There were many questions about the efficiency and cost of renewable energy. Luce explained advances in technology and how government polices can help pay for solar and other clean energy.

Steve Fischmann, Chair of South West Energy Alliance, urged the audience to discuss these issues with public officials who will be at South West Energy Alliance Fair TODAY on the Downtown Mall in Las Cruces.

Steve Fischmann foreground.



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